Felixstowe Street Parties and Prayer for 23 years


"A retired Canon of the Church of England, and his wife lived in this road on the Suffolk Coastal town of Felixstowe, but they had gone to be with The Lord by the time I moved here in 1989. The wife, along with some other neighbours, started a coffee morning in the road over thirty years ago and I am still facilitating the coffee mornings today!  I am at present asked to inform 31 residents from a road of 62 houses, when and where the next, monthly coffee morning will be.


Last April we hired a very local community centre and hosted a giant coffee morning for the whole community to celebrate our 30 years of meeting for coffee. The stalls that we manned sold the things we make or are interested in:- bread, cakes, jam, eggs, flower arrangements, plant stall, art, homemade cards, jewelry and bric a brac.  Over £950 was raised for charity in two hours and the event featured in the Parish Magazine to encourage others to get together.


In December 2012, twenty four ladies from the road enjoyed a Christmas Lunch together in the local pub.  This was a first and a great success.


When I moved here in 1989 I asked other Christians walking home from morning prayers at the very local parish church, if one of them would be my prayer partner.  All three offered and so for nearly 20 years we prayed weekly together. The four members changed as time went on and people moved away, but two of us remained constant for all that time. One of the four was sure that the Canon and his wife would have prayed for the road regularly and I can confirm that for the last 23 years this road has been prayed for!  The empty houses that go on the market are especially prayed for.

I am compiling a history of the road which was built from 1924 and so many Christians have lived here!  Church Wardens, Missionary Reps, Lay Readers, PCC members, church organists, church treasurers, Sunday School teachers and from all Christian traditions.  A vicar in the 1980's called it The Holy Road!


It is a road where a community spirit is very evident.  We don't always get it right, but I try to co-ordinate celebrations of special birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Get Well Cards and will arrange lifts to hospital if I'm notified.  It really relies on neighbours keeping me informed and they are getting better at doing this!


We have had many new people move into the road and I send a handmade 'Welcome to Your New Home' card along with a letter telling them about the ladies coffee mornings and inviting them to join.  So many of the single ladies have said this has been a real lifeline and have made friends who have introduced them to other clubs and meetings. We pay £1 for coffee and biscuits and when we have accumulated £50 or more, members nominate a local charity to send the money too.


In February we are going to try a Safari Supper where couples and single ladies can get to know each other better.  We are starting with sixteen people and if it is a success will co ordinate a bigger one next year.


So my challenge for 2013 is to find two or three people to pray with me for this road, and to inspire others in my local church to 'catch the flame'.


Thank you for writing the book which is a real inspiration and for the Friday Newsletters which keep me focused."


Anne R