Lady in Eighties spends Christmas with neighbours


My husband Phil and I brought home with us from Wembley on 29th September 2012, a copy of the "Neighbours, Transform your Street." We had lived in the North of the City for some time, pastoring a congregation in the inner city and had unintentionally, to an extent neglected our neighbours in Melling road.


Your book confirmed the need and we signed to pray for our neighbours in  Melling Road. Upshot - we discovered our next-door neighbour, in her eighties, and who lives alone, would have been alone Christmas Day. We invited her to join us and had a lovely time together. Living above us are a brother and sister, both hoping to leave Aintree this year. We have previously prayed for them. They have now accepted an invitation to join us for a meal before they leave. We have also made contact with another neighbour, a batchelor, who has recently retired from full-time employment.


We'd agreed that we would put systematic prayer in place as 2013 began. To our delight, over the holiday period we have met up with a Christian who lives at the end of our road. To our surprise we discovered that he has not attended church for some six years, following a previously hurtful church situation. He has agreed to meet with us for fellowship and prayer - wheels in motion for next week.


And finally, having read your contribution to the book , and in particular reference to your work as a GP, it confirmed my thinking to give some flowers to my own GP New Year's Eve, as a thank you for her sterling work and wise counsel she has given me over the years. Was unsure as to how she would react, thanks to what I saw as confirmation from your book (I read that particular article over the Christmas holiday) the offering was received with surprise and thanks.


I have lived in Liverpool virtually all my life, and unless God changes His mind, it is the city and its people I will live and die for. Following years and years of prayer, both locally and over more recent years nationally (Rod and Julie Anderson of Prayer for the Nations have initiated many profitable gatherings for our nation), I believe the table of prayer has risen sufficiently highly for this latest initiative to bear fruit.


Be encouraged, I am confident in God that this latest initiative will bear fruit, for surely as we seek the extension of God's Kingdom in our nation, we will all be stronger together.