No Argument but Prayers instead 2012


We are approaching Christmas and the season for parties is starting, Bonnie, from Gt Bentley, a village midway between Colchester and Clacton in Essex, has given us permission to share this testimony.

Just thought you might like to hear of the following experience I have had since praying for our street. We live in a small cul de sac of 10 houses. 2 weeks ago our next door neighbour decided to let their 18 year old daughter have the 2nd mid week party this year. During the summer this had entailed partying and loud music going on until the early hours when most of us had to go to work next day. I felt angry and resentful and remained so for several days afterwards. This time I still felt that it was not a repectful thing to do as the party was supposed to go on until 1am. I prayed about the situation and my own attitude changed from one of annoyance which could lead to a falling out, to an attitude of acceptance. I also prayed that the young people who attended the party would be safe as they made their way home, as from the noise it was evident that most were very drunk. I believe that this is the attitude that Jesus expects us to have and aided by the Holy Spirit this can prevent a situation turning from one that can start neighbourhood disputes into one of loving your neighbour, even though a lack of precious sleep was involved! yours Bonnie