Get Started


  1. Register your street as one that is being prayed for.
  2. Pick three households on your street and start praying for them regularly. See our resources section.
  3. Download our prayer guides from this website, or buy our book, Neighbour's Transform Your Street" which has all prayer guides in as well as testimonies and practical information on how to care for neighbours and for people who are comfortable, share their faith. All profits ( if any) from this resource, will help fund this charity and  help us work towards an interactive map of street prayer across the UK.
  4. Set up a lighthouse of prayer (a prayer triplet group) to pray for your street and two other people's streets. See prayer guide.
  5. With your church leader's permission, ask other people in your church to start praying for their neighbours.
  6. Encourage other churches in your area to pray for and get to know neighbour.

If you prefer the model of a similar ministry, we encourage you to use their resources.

Recruiting Church Co-ordinators

Recruiting Post code co-ordinators

Partner with us as a church or ministry

What We do:

Aim to co-ordinate prayer for every street in the UK: click here to register your street, or church or to become a postcode co-ordinator. We do this by working in partnership with similar ministries. In Scotland, we suggest you contact Pray for Scotland.

Prayer Resources for churches and individual Christians. These prayer resources usually have a prayer challenge to encourage building relationships with neighbours. They are all based on Bible verses. 

We provide outreach and mission ideas for the local church with a focus on local streets. Please see the diary of the year for ideas

We provide testimonies of how prayer is working to change streets and  how the local church is impacting neighbourhoods

We Seek increase Christian Unity, by partnering with any similar initiatives

We help organise larger prayer meetings