ShareAs people get to know their neighbours and especially as they genuinely love people living on their street, people may start to ask questions about your Christian faith.


  • Share your testimony of how you became a Christian and if you witness a miracle at your church, why not share this? Your neighbour can decide if they believe you or not. Also don't be afraid to share any doubts or the difficult times that you have. Sometimes the testimony of how God has helped us during a difficult time is just as powerful as a testimony about a miracle. Please only ever tell the truth though.
  • Invite your neighbour to an Alpha course

  • Invite your neighbour to church at Christmas, Easter, Back to Church Sunday or to events that your church is putting on.
  • Give out the Father's love letter in your neighbourhood. You can get these  from UCB2GO for free, apart from postage cost:

  • In our book, Neighbours, Transform Your Street, we have articles from J.John, Steve Mullins (Dry Bones Trust), Andy Economides, George Verwer (article written with permission) and an article from Christ for All nations, which relate specifically to sharing your faith with neighbours and others.
  • Looking for God is a website that UCB produces that people can ask questions on line

  • If you would like to order free copies of the Word for Today, for your neighbours, please contact UCB via their website
  • Order the Fathers Love Letter from us by Clicking here.


More guidance on sharing your faith will come in time. We are looking at this over the next year.