Being a Good Neighbour


We moved into our new home four years ago last Sunday. From the outset, we wanted to be fairly low-key as far as being followers of Jesus was concerned, wanting to get to know our neighbours and for them to get to know us as 'normal'people first, rather than have them put us in a 'religious' box.

Our goal is to become the neighbours everyone knows and trusts As we were all moving into a new-build estate more or less at the same time, we were all 'new' together, so it was a good time to start new things and try to create community.

  1. First I started HomeWatch for my immediate fifty or so neighbours, which has now expanded to the whole estate, now working with another neighbour. This provided/provides a great opportunity to get to know people by name
  2. I took a card and plant to every new neighbour as they moved in to the houses that were still being built
  3. I organised our first street party in August 2008, again just for imediate neighbours, which was followed by The Big Lunch in 2009 and 2010 for the whole estate. We have another 2 planned for this year on the Royal Wedding Day and again The Big Lunch.
  4. Every Christmas we have Neighbourhood carols on our driveway a day or so before Christmas with music carols mulled wine and mince pies. Approx 100 neighbours came this time and even as recently as yesterday, someone thanked me for it.
  5. I take a card to each new baby that I find out about and/or weddings etc.
  6. I regularly prayer-walk the estate, praying for households by name (thanks to Homewatch!). I keep a prayer book and write down significant conversations etc. I pray for the right moment to let each of my neighbours know that I pray for them and have told approx 12 so far.

Nothing spectacular, not sure where it will lead, but I just keep chipping away, praying for them all and slowly becoming the neighbour that everyone knows and trusts.

We have kept the identity of this individual anonymus by request as the work with this persons neighbours is on-going.