Blessing Neighbours at Christmas


In Didsbury, Manchester where I was living, with the support of our local church, ivy Manchester, my friend and i decided to give out 72 gift bags with some chocolate, a Christmas card, an invite to the Carol service and perhaps controversially a very small bottle of wine.

This went down very well in our street and two or three adjacent streets. We were invited to a New years party and someone elses birthday party. In January 2010, the cold weather struck and we knew where some of our elderly neighbours lived so we checked they were okay and didn't need any shopping.

The week of Christmas while giving out these gifts, we knocked on the door of a house full of students. We had already decided to have an open house Christmas day. One of the girls was from South America and Roman Catholic and was facing spending Christmas alone. They had just been praying that God would provide somewhere for her to spend Christmas... The door rang and my friend Gemma spoke with her and invited her to spend Christmas day at our house.

In the event there were 16 people round for Christmas day ( five Muslims, who asked us to come to church, both originally from Middle eastern countries, I bought halal Turkey. We had someone from South America, a lady who is gay, three athiests ( who are also my close friends), and we all had a great time together. Possibly this was the best Christmas I have ever had.

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