Easter Eggs


Several years ago, at Easter, my sister and I gave out Easter eggs, a card and a Gospel to all our neighbours living on our street. We met many Muslim neighbours, sikh, Jewish neighbours who being very hospitable, invited us in for lots of tea, cakes. Most people of different faiths were glad that we cared enough to share out faith. One of the people became interested in Christianity after a year or so. He had a drug problem. We invited him to church and the pastor of our church saw him regularly and helped him. He disappeared for a while, but the pastor told me he is now doing well (I moved away several years ago).

From that time of giving out the Easter eggs for several years ( before moving) we regularly saw some of our neighbours. I had some fantastic curries and we helped each other where we could. I didn't pray for people at the time, i was a new Christian and didnt believe in prayer at the time, I wish I had...

It felt safe to be living where we were in a community not always known for being safe and there was a nice sense of community. I remember it as one of the best times of my life and I miss living in that kind of community.

Annonymous to protect identities.