Father's Love Letter Testimonies 2012/13


Colette Hoepli-Steffan wrote to us shortly after Christmas


"After the National Worship and Prayer Day back in Autumn, I ordered your book "Transform your Street" which inspired me to start praying for my street. In your book, I came across the Father's Love Letter which was truly touching my heart. I checked out the video which has become such a blessing. I have used it during a prayer meeting which I hold every two weeks in my house. But further more, God put it on my heart back in Autumn, to use the printed version for Christmas.


I have added the letter to Christmas cards, but we also distributed copies of the letter on Christmas Eve, in the evening to houses in our street.


Praise, Glory and Honour to God."


Jenny Hall sent us this testimony, which we hope is an encouragement to you too!

Thank you for your wonderful book. I re-started praying for my street by walking up one side and down the other every Saturday morning and blessing each house in Jesus' Name.  If I know the names of the people there I say them. 

Also, I ordered a 100 copies of Heavenly Father's love letter  and keep one in my handbag in case I get an opportunity to give it away. In Sainsbury's the other day as I was being helped by the cashier I heard the words 'You are loved' in my head.  I baulked at saying it and just said 'God bless you' but then I thought, no, that was not what God said so I plucked up courage and decided to wait until she had finished serving the next family in the queue.  I delved into my handbag and got out the card and after she had finished she noticed I was still standing there and asked if there was anything wrong.  I said, 'No, but I believe God wanted you to know you are loved'. I handed her the card and told her it was a love letter from her heavenly father.  She really thanked me, twice in fact and the mother said something nice about it too.