Gemma's Story


Seven years ago, I was really down, depressed, very suicidal. A family moved into the area who went to church. They used to tell me about Jesus and encourage me to go to an alpha course. I refused for a while, then eventually agreed to go.

When I went to church fit the first time I was amazed how different it was to what I thought. One Friday evening I was walking down the road and I had what I now realise was an open vision. In the vision, I saw that I'd been killed on he road and I could see everyone looking at me, but I was in a church walking down the aisle to Jesus and I felt lots of peace, love and acceptance. When I got to the altar, Jesus said" it was not my time yet, I have things for you to do."

Next day I went to Wales with this family and they kept telling me about Jesus and I felt the presence of God was so powerful and overwhelming that I kept asking questions. The next day I went to the church for a third time and I was quite anxious with a sense that I just needed to know why everyone was singing and living this Jesus. They gave me a "why Jesus" booklet that I read in my room that night. It felt like it had been written for me.

The next day when I spoke to my friend and told her I'd become a Christian, joy exploded inside me and I felt relief and set free and forgiven. My friend told me that their home group had been praying for her since they moved in 6 months ago.
I've been a Christian 7 years now. Jesus gave me a reason to live and understand why I am here. Since then I've worked with prostitutes, the homeless, helped run youth groups.

Seven years on , it has given me a heart for prayer and I'm setting up my own prayer group because I believe the foundation of change is prayer.

Gemma Dixon, Manchester