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On Thursday at 7.00 pm, we have our Breaking Our Hearts Zoom Prayer Meeting, in partnership with Redeeming Our Communities

This meeting is specifically about praying into the area of gangs, gun and knife crime.  As we look at the news, we see a growing number of families affected by gangs, gun and knife crime. The meeting will be hosted jointly by Debra Green, CEO of Redeeming our Communities and Pastor Tunde Balogun, Chair of Trustees of Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

Among the guests who will be sharing, we have Dawa Balogun, Josh Green, Pastor Jonathan Oloyede, Rev Yemi Adedeji and Pastor Andrew Kisumbo  The Bishop of Woolwich will close our meeting. Bishop Karowei leads the Diocese of Southwark priority for children and youth and was part of the event some years ago on the issue in Southwark Cathedral.

To register for this zoom meeting, please visit:

Please note, there will be a time to pray in breakout groups with others. To enable a prompt start at 7.00 pm, the zoom room will be open from 6.45 pm.


3.00 pm - 6.00 pm - Re-watch the Gun and Knife Prayer Watch from 2020. 

As we continue praying around the whole area of gun and knife crime, especially on this day for London, we are re-playing the Watch and Prayer Meeting which took place last year. We were delighted to be joined by leaders from across London to share and pray together. 

This will be played out, in premiere mode on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group

You can also watch it back here on our YouTube channel by Clicking Here

If you can't join us in London, don't forget to pray for the capital using our Virtual Prayer Walk Fly Over Video  also download or Virtual Prayer Walking Guide if you happen to live in London and want to walk a section of The London Loop


3.00 pm - 6.00 pm Live Zoom Prayer Meeting with a focus on lament, prayer, dedication, and blessing. 

Lisa and Adam will be leading a 3-hour open zoom prayer meeting to pray specifically in and around the keywords that God has given us for 2021. There will be 45 minutes of prayer and worship around each of these words. 

People are not required to join us for the whole afternoon unless you wish to. The zoom room opens at 2.45 pm and will close at 6.00 pm with the Lord's Prayer being shared.

To register, visit this link:

If you can't join us in London, don't forget to pray for the capital using our Virtual Prayer Walk Fly Over Video - Click Here to Watch.


On Father's Day, we are encouraging you to download and share in your church The Fathers Blessing video and audio. To download these, please visit:

To purchase printed Fathers Love Letters to distribute visit