Manchester Prayer Walk


As preparations of Festival Manchester continue, Neighbourhood Prayer Network is calling Christians across the country to join in physically and virtually prayer walking each street in each Borough of Greater Manchester. 


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A zoom meeting to pray virtually takes place on the Third Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome to join by registering on the link below.

There are 10 Manchester Boroughs, so we will focus on 2 each month from February.

Here are the Boroughs we are praying for:

February - Manchester Central and Salford 

March - Trafford and Stockport

April - Tameside and Oldham

May - Rochdale and Bury

June - Bolton and Wigan

A prayer for Manchester written by Rachael Fola, A Mile with Jesus Coordinator

Father in the name of Jesus we pray let your Kingdom come.

Let thy will be done in Manchester as it is in heaven in the name of Jesus.  Matthew 6:10
Lord we pray that you give us the land of Greater Manchester and the environs for your glory to be seeing on earth.
Lord we ask that you pour out your spirit upon men and women and we speak with a new voice over the city of Manchester.  Acts 2:4
Father we pray for unity of purpose as the body of Christ, as we go a mile with Jesus in prayer walking the land of Greater Manchester.  Acts 2:1
Father in the name of Jesus we pray that you will break all chains and bondages in the lives of people and let there be a release of power to fulfilment destiny.
Father in the name of Jesus we pray for manifestation of your glory in the cities of Greater Manchester.

As we go… Every Street Prayed For

February                                   A to E
March                                        F to J
April                                           K to 0
May                                            P to T
June                                           U to Z

Abberley Drive (M40) to Azalea Avenue (M18)
Babbacombe Grove (M9) to Bywood Avenue (M19)
Cabin Lane (OL4) to Cyril Street (M14)
Daccamill Drive (M27) to Dystelegh Road (SK12)
Eades Street (M6) to Eyre Street (M15)

Pray for Christian prayer to be raised up for every street in Manchester on an ongoing basis with Christians taking up spiritual responsibility for where they live.  Pray that they will care for their neighbours and share Jesus as they have opportunity.

Love where You Live – Festival Manchester partner prayer focus

Fostering and adoption

Pray for the vision to find 500 new families to welcome vulnerable children into their homes through fostering and adoption.  Festival Manchester working with Home for Good.

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