Jonathan Oloyede, Founder - National Day of Prayer

I believe with all my heart that this grassroots prayer network in neighbourhoods, is part of the key catalysts to ignite the fires of revival and transformation that is about to erupt within the British Isles in our life times.


David Carr, Order of St Leonard

As the Overseer of OSL and Renewal Christian Centre, we have embraced Neighbourhood Prayer as a vital part of our year of “Proclamation.” Prayer has never been the last resort for Christians but rather the first and final solution for the cleansing and redeeming of our communities. I believe that this project will not only take Christ into our communities, but will open the doors for social as well as spiritual breakthrough. Prayer opens the door for us to walk through, it arranges opportunities, and it frees from strongholds. We are implementing Neighbourhood Prayer immediately after a town-wide outreach; we believe it will impact the streets and roads of Solihull.


Steve Clifford General Director, Evangelical Alliance

“Loving our neighbour” comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Praying for those I live next to has to play a vital part in seeing the Good News of Jesus brought to our communities.


John Glass, Former General Superintendent, Elim Churches

I was absolutely thrilled when I heard about Neighbourhood Prayer Network. Not only is it a timely initiative, but it also highlights for us the pivotal and vital part that prayer makes in reaching our local community with the whole gospel. I wholeheartedly commend it.


Debra Green OBE, National Director, Redeeming Our Communities

I am convinced that prayer is a powerful first step in the process of community transformation. Part of our commission to love our neighbours is praying for them. I endorse this project and hope we have this in every neighbourhood.


Andy Hawthorne OBE, CEO, The Message Trust

All the evidence of history is that “more prayer” equals “more blessing.” I can’t wait to see the blessing that comes to neighbourhoods across our nation through this exciting new initiative.


Jane Holloway, Prayer Director, World Prayer Centre

It is good to welcome the Neighbourhood Prayer Network into the canopy of prayer that God is raising up to cover every person, every place and every sector of society. If each Christian did take up this invitation to simply pray and care for their neighbours, there would indeed be radical transformation in every community!


Brian Mills, Co-Founder, Interprayer

I gladly recommend Neighbourhood Prayer Network. God has for years been speaking to many folk about the importance of praying for our neighbours. As we do so, we shouldn’t be surprised to see God answer prayer. He may even ask you to put feet on your prayers! I’m looking forward to hearing some of the stories of God at work through your prayers.