Neighbour Sunday


Since 2012, the Neighbourhood Prayer Network has been calling Christians to look at how they can pray for, care with and share the Gospel, as appropriate in their neighbourhoods. 

According to 2011 statistics, there are 260,000 streets in the UK, and that number is set to rise. Since it's launch, the Neighbourhood Prayer Network has seen over 5,600 streets committed to prayer. 

In 2017, 5 Christian ministries came together to found Faith in Later Life, which is seeking to empower Christians to engage with older people, both inside and outside the church. 

Through, it's activities directory, Faith in Later Life has seen over 2,300 projects added to its list to enable people to serve the community. The directory includes lunch clubs and other groups.

Recently, the Neighbourhood Prayer Network and Faith in Later Life joined together are delighted to be working together to invite churches on Sunday 17th November 2019 to join with us in praying for our neighbours as part of the first Neighbour Sunday.

Jesus said, we must love our neighbours as ourselves. That's a bold challenge, but one we must step up to.

Perhaps, this Neighbour Sunday, you could start praying for those who live around you? We are delighted to have the endorsement of this work from some amazing people who believe in the power of praying for the streets. 

Broadcaster and Writer, Pam Rhodes said:

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This might be the start of seeing your community changed.

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