Privacy Policy


This privacy statement has been updated in line with the new GDPR requirements.

Neighbourhood Prayer Network collects the data of people signing up to pray for their street, for the sole reason of giving us an opportunity to communicate with you, usually through a weekly newsletter sharing ideas about praying for, caring for and sharing Jesus with your neighbours.

We do not share your data with any other organisation or person or even with other projects that the founder works upon, which includes an online shop where we sell resources or prayer magazine.  We maintain separate lists of contacts for each individual project.

A dot appears on the street of our online map to register that someone is praying for this street.  We remove any street numbers that have been accidentally supplied and our policy is always to remove any identifying data.  We do keep the telephone numbers of churches registered, in case members of the public might wish to visit.  The dot appears in the middle of the street, not over the specific house.

We retain information about gift aid as per our legal responsibilities.

Our data for email is held on MailChimp who are GDPR compliant.

We have written a new sign up sheet for streets, requiring a signature to ensure compliance with the new law.

If there is a breach of data, you will be informed immediately.