Similar Ministries


Your Neighbour: A ministry with a vision to create a National Christian helpline for people with a need, which the Church can help facilitate the solution to that need.  Whether a lack of food, finance, prescription pickup or prayer Your Neighbour hopes to meet the need where ever it is.  We've advise the project this week.  If you have time available to volunteer for the service Click Here.

Pray for Scotland: Pray for Scotland, to our surprise when working on our book, Neighbours, Transform Your Street, we discovered that they already had been encouraging people to pray for, care for and share faith with their neighbours. They also encourage prayer triplets, known as Lighthouses of prayer. If you live in Scotland, we would ask that you contact this ministry.

Adopt a Street/Street Pastors: Adopt a Street is a prayer initiative of Street Pastors. It aims to see every street in the UK covered in Christian Prayer. They are asking people to Adopt a Street and pray a blessing over the street they live on. Neighbourhood Prayer Network, supports this initiative. We detail this ministry in more detail in our book, "Neighbours, Transform Your Street"

Love Your Streets: This is a ministry of the Christian Nightlife initiative and one of our partners. More details are provided in our book, "Neighbours Transform Your Street" They produce suggestions of #do1nicething each day and acts of kindness towards people living on your street. Please visit their website.

Love Your Street: Laurence Singlehurst has carried a vision for neighbours for over twenty years. He is working with Pastor Balagun targeting London Streets to begin with and then further afield. This ministry is very similar to Neighbourhood Prayer Network and we completely support all their work. This initiative has merged into Neighbourhood Prayer Network

Ffald-Y-Brenin: Local houses of prayer. Many people have read the book, "Grace Outpouring" which details how this house of prayer has prayed a blessing over many people and the surrounding area. People have unexpectedly found themselves drawn to this place, often becoming Christian. Many powerful testimonies have come out of here. Please visit their website for details. We detail this in our book, "Neighbours, Transform Your Street" Please visit their website:

The Eden Network: This is an initiative of the Message Trust. It encourages Christians to deliberately move to deprived areas to be salt and light in these communities. We detail some of their work in our book, "Neighbours, Transform Your Street" Please visit there website.

Hope for Every Home: Hope Together have recently launched a new ministry Hope for Every Home.  In collaboration, the American ministry 'Every Home for Christ', Hope for Every Home aims to see every home in the UK won for Jesus.

Street Associations: A great partnership project designed to bring people together on their street. 

As One: A Partnership project which started in Birmingham serving Churches, Local Authority and social Partnerships to 'Fill your Street with friendliness'

Street Chaplains : The Church in Action... on the Streets -