We've been working hard to provide credible assumptions on how we work out data.  Click on the underlined figures to reach their sources.

Number of people living in the UK in 2011 is 62,300,000

Number of dwellings/households in the UK in 2011 was 26,300,000

Average number of people living per household is 2.36 (population divided by households), this does not take into account roughly 15,000+ people who live on the streets in the UK.

Number of roads/streets in the UK 260,000 based on the Open Street Map project stats.  This is an approximate figure.  

This allows us to deduce that there are 101 dwellings on average per road in the UK (26,300,000 dwellings divided by 260,000 roads).

There are 240 people living on the average road in the UK (62,300,000 people divided by 260,000 roads).