A Mile with Jesus


An introduction from Rachael Fola-Taiwo

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In October 2015, after 14 days of fasting and prayer, God gave me the vision of ‘A Mile With Jesus.’ In a dream, I ‘saw’ prayer chains springing up from different places, like electric fibres, sparks coming together and forming a massive umbrella shape, with one stick that all hands were holding onto. Then I could see traces of fire/lightening coming from the roads and streets and returning towards heaven.

When I woke up from the revelation I was lost in deep thought of what I had just seen. I plundered over it day and night.  I continued in the prayer & fasting which ended in the National day of prayer, which I attended with the NPN team in Croydon in November 2016.  After the last day of the conference I asked pastor Jonathan Oloyede to pray for me.  As he laid his hand on me,  all I could pray was “Lord I will go a mile with you.” The Holy Spirit said to me,”not just you, but as many that will go a mile with Him, He will go with them through the journey.”

I kept the vision within me after sharing it with my husband. I had no peace, I wrote the vision down, and all the planning of how to go about as given in prayer. For 3 months I carried the burden in my mind.

In January 2016 after one of NPN prayer meeting, I couldn’t stop the prompt of the Holy Spirit to share the vision with Rebekah, she told Carl and they invited me for a discussion. I was in thrilled by what they shared with me and how they wanted to take it National, it was exactly how the Holy Spirit gave it to me. I just opened my mouth speechless, as they talked with me about the vision. Hence the journey of A MILE WITH JESUS begins…..         

Within the guide there are three parts:

Part I : Preparing to Prayer Walk and an A to Z guide of places you might come across. We have provided some prayer points for each one. Some of you may be walking in more rural areas, others in more residential areas, others around Towns and Cities. There is something here for all of these. As residential roads and streets may make up a significant part of your walk, we have provided a special section for praying for streets at the beginning.

Part II: We have provided some inspirational scriptures that you may want to pray over streets, or places or to aid you in prayer.

Part III: Some churches may wish to take this vision, further, so we provide five suggestions of how you could use this to do an outreach after your prayer walks.